The Benefits are:

Facial Weights® and Facial Bands® are physical therapy exercise bands and more.

Exercising workout Movements and Videos

  • Face exercises apparatus to increase blood flow to the jawline and ​facial expressions
  • Facial Fitness Exercises to Reinforce post facial reconstruction surgery
  • Jawline Exercises to Reduce chance of facial sagging and fatty tissues around the skin of the jaw line and lower chin, neck area
  • Facial Exercises to improve jaw line, lower chin and neck area stability and function
  • Exercise to Reduce fat tissues around jawline and double chin
  • Exercising workout to increase healthy movement of the jawline and double chin​
  • Facial Exercises to maintain your youthful looking face

Roundabout Facial Bands, LLC Facial  Physical  Therapy Bands

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  • Face exercises daily can be beneficial to  maintaining toning of the facial movements and muscles, including but not limited to the jawline, double chin and neck.
  • ​Facial Fitness and Daily Exercises Techniques for a Healthier facial area
  • Movements to a Healthier and Younger Looking face
  • Bands workouts for the face to improve facial movements
  • Facial Fitness Exercises for healthier movement
  • Jawline Exercises also for healthier movements